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Rapeseed oil refining process

Rapeseed oil refining process: 1. Pre-pressed rapeseed edible oil refinery two processes: crude oil →filter→hydration dephosphorization → vacuum drying ​​refined oil.
2. Rapeseed oil refining two edible oil extraction process: extraction of rapeseed oil hydration (or alkali refining) →desolventizing → refined oil.

3. Pre-mustard edible oil refining a process: crude oil filter →alkali refining → washing ​​decolorizing →deodorization
refined oil.
4. Rapeseed oil into refined rapeseed oil extraction that salad process: extraction of crude oil →hydration →alkali refining→ washing ​​ decolorizing→deodorization ​​
filter→ refined oil.

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