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Oil filter

Oil filter, also known as the oil filter, oil purifier. Its function is to filter the contaminated oil, purification, restore or improve the properties of the oil itself, including oil cleanliness, water content, gas content, acid value, viscosity, flash point, dielectric strength, color, etc. Moreover can effectively remove impurities in the oil to protect the safe operation of oil equipment. The better the quality of the oil filter, which means filtering out the product quality will be good. So, what is the impact of the oil filter filtering effect of it? We have to centrifugal oil filter to be introduced today.

Centrifugal oil filter uses an advanced degassing, dewatering device, high purification efficiency, all air-cooled. To pump exclusive introduction of the world's most advanced technology, mechanical performance is very reliable, vibration, low noise, and is ideal for the latest generation of vacuum oil purifier equipment; filterable solid impurities in oil, water, improve oil quality performance of mechanical equipment.
By pressure filtration or vacuum evaporation - pressure filtration method for removing solid impurities are not pure oil and water filtration units; for power transmission equipment insulating oil purifier can also be used with high efficiency filter 500KV following insulating oil, but can also use in the transformer vacuum oiling, hot oil circulation and vacuum drying. Cryogenic vacuum oil purifier water and gas, with safety interlock device, automatic operation, safe and reliable.

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