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Rapeseed oil refining-deacidification

Rapeseed oil refining-Deacidification, rapeseed oil is a semi-drying oils containing erucic acid. In addition to low erucic acid rapeseed oil, the other varieties contain more erucic acid rapeseed oil, its content of about 26.3% ~ 57% fatty acid composition. High erucic acid rapeseed oil low erucic acid Levin nutritional less oil, but the system is particularly suitable for marine lubricants and tires and other industrial oil. In the course of mustard oil glycosides hydrolysis by myrosinase action, the formation of some sulfur-containing compounds and other toxic ingredients, thus affecting the quality of the crude oil.

Rapeseed oil refining-
deacidification, smelting process in general sulfide removal rate is very low, so the consumption of rapeseed oil should be refined. By purpose grease is oil refining equipment, usually refers to the refining of crude oil. The presence of impurities in crude oil not only affects the food value and safe storage of fat, but also to the deep processing of difficult, but refining purposes, nor will the oil all the impurities are removed, but will be one of consumption, storage, industrial detrimental to production and other impurities removed, such as gossypol, proteins, phospholipids, mucus, so the moisture is removed, and beneficial "impurities", such as tocopherols, etc. you want to keep.

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