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rapeseed oil extraction is the key to obtain more treasure

Rapeseed oil is our common canola oil, also called coriander oil, is a cruciferous plant rapeseed oil extraction made from transparent or translucent liquids.Rapeseed oil or brownish yellow golden in color, has certain stimulating odour, folk known as "green smell".because gas contains a certain amount of mustard glucoside, but excluding the excellent varieties of rapeseed substances, such as high oleic acid rapeseed oil, double low rapeseed oil, etc. Rapeseed oil semi-continuous degumming process.


Crude rapeseed oil - pump - centrifugal - static mix - refining pot - pump - continuous vacuum dehydration - pump - rapeseed oil after degumming

Filtered rapeseed oil, its temperature is 70-75 degrees and mixed with 0.15% phosphoric acid in the mixed centrifugal which for the first time, through the static mixer mixes the second into the pan with oil refining, adjust the temperature to 80-85 degrees, and open the mixing plant, about 20-30 minutes, stirring time and heat preservation of refined 30 minutes, then add water to 25 to 35 minutes., let stand for 2-2.5 hours, let it go to bottom of colloid, by turning to pass through the heater into the upper oil pump continuous vacuum dewaterer.And then sent to degumming product oil tank by pump , the oil can reach the secondary oil quality standards, can enter the next process.



What is meant by a refined rapeseed oil? :

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