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High efficient and quality rapeseed oil extraction

If you want to high quality rapeseed oil , the Rapeseed Oil Extraction Machine is necessary. The processes of rapeseed oil machine are as following:


1.Clean.The material enters in the factory has some impurities(sand,stone,scrap iron etc.), if you don't select it carefully, may accelerate the internal parts wear,decrease the oil yeild rate, even cause bug and accident.Matching equipment are: Cleaning sieve,stoning machine,maganetic machine etc.

2.Husking.For the shelled material,it should husk then press, thus improve the production capacity and oil yeild rate.Matching equipments are: Husking machine,Separation sieve,separator etc.

3.Cracking.Some grease can be whole pressed,but after cracking,flaking,can improve the oil yeild rate.Matching equipment are:cracking machine,flaking machine etc.

4.Evaporating.It is the main process which improves the oil yeild rate,normal ways is wetting the material up,then drying from fry pan,makes the material gets to the moisture and temperature of technical requirements,matching equipment  



The many versions of rapeseed mill :

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