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Rapeseed oil press equipment maintenance

1. New rapeseed oil press equipment to be used for a long time, must be fully maintenance and maintenance, to ensure that the timing rest oil press equipment, long-term operation can effectively prolong the service life of it. Rapeseed oil press equipment maintenance

2. Provide a good working environment for the press, if the work environment is bad, its life will be shortened, meet the timely processing of press in the process of using small problems and failures, can't let it take "sick", press not life, but it has a certain life, the length of life depends in the operating personnel.


Rapeseed oil press equipment maintenance 3 press equipment parked before removal of the surface of the grease, oil press equipment parts oil thoroughly cleaned, parking for more than a month to press machine and internal antirust oil, oil press equipment should be stored in a dry place, press out the cage with tarpaulin cover, in order to avoid a row of dust and debris into the area, park row gap, the influence is used next time.


Introduction crude rapeseed oil refining machine :

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