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Cryogenic screw press

Cryogenic screw press, designed for a variety of cold-pressed oils designed a new generation low temperature screw press, especially for machine-pressed organic plants and high-value crops, when low oil press machine, the oil is high, low residual oil meal, processed oil is light in color, good quality, nutritious, meet international market standards. Suitable for crushing peeling rapeseed, peanut, soybean, olive, walnut, corn germ oil and other plants.
Cryogenic screw press features:
1, squeezed into low temperature (room temperature 10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃) to save steam.
2, a small oil press process is not in contact with any solvents, acids, alkalis, bleaching earth, chemical additives, processed oil and meal loss of nutrients and trace elements, high-protein meal.

3, cold pressed oil color and light, nutritious, sediment filter can be obtained by natural oil, refining costs savings, lower refining consumption.
4, a small degree of protein damage cold pressed cake is conducive to fully exploit oil protein.
Technical data 1, total power: 37.7KW;
2. Net Weight: 3500 kg;
3, Dimensions: 3176 × 1850 × 2600 MM
4, the processing capacity: 6 ~ 12 tons / 24 hours;
5, dry cake residual rate: about 4 to 8 percent;
6, the pressing temperature: room temperature 10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃;

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