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Rapeseed cold-pressed process


Rapeseed cold-pressed process, pressing, cutting and friction pre-press machine is not enough to squeeze inside bore crushed whole rapeseed oil so before the pressing need for billets and require uniform powder of the thin green sheet small surface is not exposed oil blank sheet thickness 3 mm or so. Pre-press machine cold-pressed extra virgin rapeseed into the water, there are strict requirements. Pre-pressing machine pressing gently pressed into the bore water temperature can be controlled lower generally better at 8% or less cold otherwise difficult to squeeze oil. Cold pressing process, of course, the water can not be too low or easy to produce too much powder when rolled blanks.

Rapeseed cold-pressed process, in order to improve the effect of cold-pressed oil yield should increase cold-pressed extra virgin cake part back pressed back the amount should be properly grasp according to production. Increasing the amount of back-pressed oil cake can be reduced to improve the cold squeeze out the oil, but will reduce the rate of oil production and deepen the color; return reduced juice can increase production while reducing the oil color, but will reduce the rate of cooling oil resorted to squeeze oil cake loose powder elevated to the subsequent leaching process increases adversely affected. General back pressed to control the amount of cold-pressed cake in total about 1/3.
Rapeseed cold-pressed process, cold-pressed extra virgin machine steamer available for proper warm-up blanks so cold squeeze oil yield can be increased to reduce the amount of cold-pressed extra virgin cake back. But the color of the juice out of the oil temperature oil temperature sensitive color was deepened and the oil content of phospholipids and other miscellaneous rubber also increased. When the temperature rises above 60
virgin oil color has no significant difference with the hot pressing.

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