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Mixed oil evaporation equipment and principle

Mixed oil evaporation equipment and principle, mixed oil evaporation system consists of filter, mix oil tanks, long tube evaporator, layer disc stripper composition of the oil through a filter to remove mixed after the end of the meal. Indirect heating by mixing tank into the first long tube evaporator, after evaporation and separation, mixing oil concentration increased from 15% -30% to 70% -80%, and then after the second long tube evaporator evaporation and separation , the concentration increased to 90% -95%.

Mixed oil evaporation apparatus and principles of the oil concentration after mixing of the first long tube evaporator should not be too high, otherwise to the second long-tube evaporator mixed oil is less easily increased, the tube is separated from the second elongate mixed oil out of the evaporator. And then into the upper portion of the stripper disc, the tower is heated by indirect steam, and direct steam is injected into the bottom of the steam in countercurrent contact with the oil mixture, so that the residual crude oil was dissolved in 0.05% or less, from the bottom through the closure means night discharge.

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